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Lost / Stolen / Abandoned Green Cards

Lost/Stolen Green Cards

Telephone inquiries about lost or stolen Green Cards should be directed to the American Citizen Services section (971-4-309-4000) between 8:00-10:00am. To apply for a Boarding Foil that will enable you to return to the U.S., you will be required to provide the following:

1.  Please make an online appointment, and

2.  Fill out Form I-90, and

3.  One photograph 2 inches by 2 inches on a white background, and

4.  A valid passport, and

5.  Convincing evidence of status as a Legal Permanent Residence (copy of valid Green Card, DHS stamps in passport, etc.), and

6.  Convincing evidence that you have been out of the U.S. for less than one year (DHS stamps, airline ticket stubs, etc.)

Note that this process will take at least one week.

If you do not provide convincing evidence of identification, current LPR status or you have been absent from the U.S. more than one year, we will not issue a Boarding Foil.  You will need either to have a new Immigrant Visa petition filed on your behalf or file a petition for a Returning Resident Visa at our Embassy in Abu Dhabi. If the latter, you will need to provide extremely convincing evidence that the reason for your absence from the U.S. for more than one year was beyond your control.  Please contact  

Abandoning Legal Permanent Resident Status / Green Card

If you have no intention of living in the U.S. permanently, you should file an Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident Status Form I-407. If you wish to travel to the U.S. as a non-immigrant, you will be asked to surrender your Green Card before being issued a non-immigrant visa.

Legal Permanent Residents must appear in person to abandon their Legal Permanent Resident status.  Form I-407 cannot be accepted by mail.

To abandon Lawful Permanent Resident status:

  • Make an online appointment
  • Fill out Form I-407 completely
  • Bring Original Passport
  • Bring Original Green Card
  • Bring re-entry permit (Even if it has expired)

Abandoning your LPR Status and Applying for a Non-Immigrant Visa:

You may submit form I-407 at the same time you apply for a non-immigrant visa (such as a tourist or business visa).  Please visit the NIV section of our website to make an online appointment and fill out the necessary application.  You must submit all the above at the time of your non-immigrant visa interview.

Traveling to the U.S. after Abandoning your LPR Status

Whether traveling on a Non-Immigrant Visa or as part of the Visa Waiver Program, you should carry a copy of Form I-407 with you as you travel to the U.S. to minimize the risk of complications with the immigration authorities concerning your immigrant versus non-immigrant status.

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