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F-1 Student Visa

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Students who receive their I-20 form from the university in the U.S., should plan to apply for a visa in a period of three months, preferably at least two months, before their intended date of travel. Students should note the date of arrival required by the university and arrange their travel plans accordingly. Applicants should call to schedule an appointment before coming. Residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain should call the number (9000 2900), while residents of Dubai and the Northern Emirates hould call the number (00973 900 797). All applicants are required to have their passports next to them when they call these numbers. Information on payment procedures and documents to bring can be found on he consulate’s student visapage.

Student Visa Information

Consular Section - U.S. Consulate Dubai, UAE

Tips for US Visas: Foreign Students Predeparture Information

Inform the university of your date of arrival; they may send someone to meet you. Exchange your money for U.S. currency and obtain a credit card. Have a complete medical examination and take the results with you to the U.S. It is best to take any medicine and prescription you need. Arrange for housing before you arrive, whether in dorms, international houses or with families. Find out about the weather of the city you will be staying in and take appropriate clothing. For more information on weather conditions in the U.S., please visit the CNN weather page. Take with you the National Dress of your country for international festivals. Take with you pictures of yourself, your family and your country. Take a dictionary.

On the plane the flight attendant will ask you to fill out an immigration form and a customs declaration form.

Once You Arrive at the University

You should plan to arrive at the university in time to attend the campus orientation organized for international students.

Once you arrive, you will be assigned an international student adviser at your university who will help you with any problems or concerns you may have. On the day of registration, bring the following documents:

  • I-20 Form,
  • passport,
  • schedule of subjects and;
  • your credit card.


Most universities require students in their first year (freshman year) to live on-campus. There are mixed and non-mixed housing at most schools.

Health Insurance

Arrange for university health insurance and/or other outside health coverage.


Interact with everybody; don’t stay by yourself. Get acquainted with American culture and try to share your culture with them. Participate in extra-curricular activities. To improve your English, read, watch TV and listen to the radio. Participate in class and study regularly; your professor will be always evaluating you. Teaching is through lectures, seminars and labs. In the first year, classes tend to be large, but they get smaller in later years.