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The U.S. Consulate in Dubai does not conduct marriages.  The UAE courts sometimes require personal affidavits regarding an American citizen’s eligibility to marry.   The Consulate can notarize such an affidavit.  If you require this document, please make an online appointment and we will provide you with the template that you may fill in.  The fee for such a document is the same charge as for a notary.

The process to marry in the UAE depends on the religion of the couple seeking matrimony, and at least one partner must be a resident of the country.

Islamic Marriages

To have an Islamic marriage conducted in Shari’a court, the groom must be Muslim. The bride’s father or, if he is deceased, male relatives, must be present or provide their approval for the marriage. Additional documentation may be required if the bride is divorced, widowed, and/or non-Muslim. For further information on procedures for an Islamic marriage, please call the marriage section of Dubai Courts at +971-4-334-7777 or Shari’a Court at +971-4-303-0406.

Christian Marriages

The bride and groom’s denomination may determine which venue they can use to get married as some ministers only marry members of their own denomination. Weddings can take place either at a church or an alternative venue if the minister agrees. Generally, there is a minimum age of 18 for the bride and 18 or 21 for the groom.

To ensure that the marriage is recognized after the ceremony has taken place, the couple must take a signed copy of the entry in the church marriage register and have it accredited by:

  1. Dubai Courts
  2. Ministry of Justice
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

After these steps, you may also bring the document to the U.S. Consulate for authentication. Note that this authentication simply signifies that your document is real; it does not necessarily mean the marriage will be recognized by your home state in the United States. If you are married abroad and need confirmation that your marriage will be recognized in the United States, consult the Attorney General of your state of residence. For more information on marriage and divorce for Americans outside of the United States, please click here.